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The Dog Days of Summer are upon us—and the thunderous Arizona monsoon season has swept through our high desert and mountain communities. I hope it has been an enjoyable summer for all of our readers.

In this edition of Flagstaff-Sedona Dog, we have taken on the plight of too many animals—abuse. Our Cover Story is about the Havasupai Horses in Northern Arizona, the pack animals used by various entities to carry tourists, hikers and supplies in the Grand Canyon and Havasupai Falls area. Writer Jacqueline Vaughn has reported on the charges brought by Federal Investigators earlier this year. She has written about the local Rescues we support, the Rescues that have been working quietly and tirelessly to remove these animals, care for these animals, and find foster and adoptive homes for these animals. It is a controversial issue, one that is difficult to read about, but I am pleased that our magazine has brought this animal abuse issue to our readers.

Read this article and take note of the organizations mentioned throughout and listed at the end of the story. Do your part to keep this animal abuse issue out in the open, in the media, to make our state officials pay attention. These animals will thank you with their lives and their forgiveness.

Now I will step down from my “soapbox” and tell our readers about all the other great articles in this edition. Look for our Special Feature “Wolf Dog Hike”. Guest writer and photographer Karen Yeager takes us on a hike in Sedona with these beautiful creatures. Horsin’ Around tells us about “Camelot: Where Heroes are Born”, an educational therapeutic facility in Scottsdale that focuses on goodwill and service through horsemanship for children and adults with physical disabilities.

Our Business Spotlight is about our longtime supporter Airpark Animal Hospital in Cottonwood. They have recently expanded their facility and are ready to serve their animal patients in new and innovative ways. Travel with us to pet-friendly Minneapolis in our Travels with Pets feature. Writer Stacey Wittig invites us to enjoy that city’s “Midwestern hospitality”.

And finally, train your dog to resist “resource guarding” his toys, his food, even his human. Trainer and writer Andy Lloyd gives us advice and information to make our lives so much better with our pets. Find her article in our Training feature.


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