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The Chinese animal zodiac calendar cele-brates a different animal each year.  This year is the Year of the Dog!  Follow our Travels with Pets writer, Stacey Wittig, as she travels through China and tells us about the Year of the Dog celebrations coming to Phoenix.

As our Cover Story this edition, we are excited to bring to our readers the upcoming Second Annual Wolf Week in Sedona, sponsored by the non-profit Plan B Foundation.  The plight of the noble Wolf has been largely ignored in our country for centuries.  They are exquisite creatures, living together as families (packs).  They have been hunted mercilessly, almost to extinction.  Wolf Week celebrates and educates the public about the wild Wolf and the sanctuaries for wolves and wolfdogs.

Wolf Week is coming April 15 through 22.  Held at Poco Diablo Resort, there will be speakers, workshops, a musical concert and dinner, and children’s programs during the week.  You can meet the Ambassador Wolves of the Apex Protection Project.  Go to page 5 in this magazine for information on the events.

We continue our wolf theme in our Doggie News of the World.  Go along on a ride with animal rescuer Karen Yeager as she traveled to Texas to transport a rescued wolfdog from a shelter before she was euthanized because “her time was up”.  Even though wolfdogs look like our domesticated dogs, they need humans with specific knowledge and special care to survive and thrive in our society.

Following our wolf theme in the Book Review section, Reviewer Amber Polo has brought us three books about wolves in America, both their persecution and hopefully their recovery in the wild.  Wolf experts such as these authors, along with events like Wolf Week, will aid in educating the public.

Our Business Spotlight this time is the Red Rose Thriftique located in the Village of Oak Creek.  As part of the non-profit Red Rose Inspiration for Animals, this upscale thrift store and artist boutique helps to support the animal rescue work and spay/neuter programs of Red Rose and its volunteers.  Along with the Thriftique store, they hold numerous arts and crafts shows in Sedona throughout the year, raising funds to save rescue animals.  These shows featuring local artists kick off in February.  Find more information about them on page 23.

A new contributor to the magazine, Heather Bilodeau, has written an article for our Horsin’ Around section this edition about the equine sport of Dressage.  There is a Dressage competition in Flagstaff each summer where the public can attend and watch competitors in the sport.  There are also competitions held at WestWorld in Scottsdale each year.  Thank you to Heather for sharing her experience with Schooling Shows and competition.

We hope you enjoy this edition of Flagstaff-Sedona Dog and our excursion into the world of wolves and wolfdog rescue.  This is one more avenue of animal rescue that we want to share with our readers.


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