By Amber Polo

Nadia Caillou was honored in the December, 2011/January, 2012 issue of The Flagstaff-Sedona Dog in an article entitled “What a Woman – What a Life!” Sadly, now only a few years later, her life has ended far too soon.
Nadia saved many animals and touched the hearts of many animal lovers. One at a time.
From her life as a child in the film industry and with the lions on the set of the TV show “Daktari” to her later work with dogs and wolves in California, Nadia was drawn to all animals.

Nadia came to the Sedona area in 1987. (Those of us in Camp Verde are thankful that the 1977 movie “Kingdom of the Spiders” introduced the Caillou family to life in Arizona.) Nadia cried at the death of a spider and performed in the final frenetic ending scene as one of the screaming women. Once in Arizona, she helped create the Sedona Film Festival and worked as Marketing Director at Out of Africa Wildlife Park
In 2003 Nadia with Angela Windolph founded Golden Bone Rescue and Rehab after they agreed to help find homes for some of the 200+ Chihuahua mixes hoarded by a woman in Southern California.
Nadia and Angela developed a network of passionate animal lovers across a wide area, donors, volunteers and fosters. Golden Bone Rescue helped with medical emergencies, spay-neuter programs, and education. They worked hard for every adoption to find the perfect match between person and pet.
In 2005 Nadia and Angela opened Golden Bone Pet Products in Camp Verde. By selling carefully curated pet products, Nadia gained the love of a huge fanclub of customers and supporters. Eight years later Nadia and Angela moved their business closer to their homes in Sedona and continued to carefully select products and help all the pet owners who came through their doors.

Nadia’s Legacy
Nadia once said “Cooperation between rescue groups is essential. Other rescue groups are an enormous help. We support each other when it comes to matchmaking, and work intra-state whenever possible. A life I’m trying to save is no more valuable than a life you are trying to save. We always keep aware of the needs of other rescues and work cooperatively. Anything we do to help them, helps them to help us.”
Nadia always gave credit to those who helped make Golden Bone Rescue successful. She said, “The core team is at it 24/7. And then there are people who donate money and time: the volunteers, the fosterers, whose who care for special needs animals, and the networkers who get the word out about dogs needing medical attention, foster care, and new forever homes.”

Tributes to Nadia
“Knowledge is gained through years of animal rescue. More than that, Nadia had an innate wisdom and compassion for dogs and their people. She freely shared advice on training, nutrition, socialization, as well as overall health with anyone. Her goal was always providing safe, happy, healthy homes, whether that meant helping animals to stay in their current homes or finding them new homes. Her adoption requirements were stringent, assuring the best possible success, and set a standard for local rescue. She loved each rescue dog as her own. She is dearly missed.” Angela Windolph
“Nadia was fearless and one of the best animal behaviorist I have ever seen. She was gentle and patient. We always worked together and I believe that is why our two groups have been around for so long.” Fran Freedman, Morning Starr Animal Sanctuary
“Nadia’s dedication to animal rescue was an inspiration. So many fur babies benefitted from her hard work and passion for all living creatures. We can only reflect on her amazing drive to help and continue to honor her by doing the work she felt so important. Victoria Bresnan, Board President, Verde Valley Humane Society
“I valued Nadia’s expertise. Whatever our dogs needed, she knew what to recommend. I never doubted what she offered from the pet food industry. Golden Bone reflects the commitment for excellence.” Linda Brecher, Sedona
Remembering the Golden Bone store in Camp Verde, Kathy Davis of Camp Verde says, “Golden Bone was a trusted place to receive knowledgeable information about pet food and care. Going to Golden Bone was like walking into your friend’s kitchen…welcoming and warm.”
Roxanne Genero, Feathers & Fur Pet Supply, remembers Nadia’s kindness and understanding when Roxanne’s elderly dog wandered off.
“Nadia was an instrumental member of our community promoting animal rescue. Her efforts and contribution as Co-Founder of Golden Bone Rescue and Rehab saved the lives of many.” Tina Allegrezza, Red Rose Inspiration For Animals

“Nadia left a mark with those who met her. She will always be remembered by those at Out of Africa as a dear soul. Missed but not forgotten.” Dean & Prayeri Harrison, Out of Africa Wildlife Park.

“The Sedona animal loving community was lucky to have Nadia as a pet resource. She will be missed.” Austin Gates, Executive Director, Humane Society of Sedona
“A true rescuer with a heart big enough to hold every animal she came in contact with.” Mitzie Christian, Central Arizona Animal Search & Rescue
“I have worked with Rescuers internationally for over 40 years; Nadia is one who walked the walk, and recently, asked me to help with a desperate situation involving a Veteran who passed away — leaving several so-called “unadoptable” dogs. She had run out of options & the dogs would have been euthanized. I pulled in all my favors with a Southern CA Sanctuary to save them. She had the ability, despite all odds, to make things happen, magically, when it came to saving animals.” Warren Eckstein, The Pet Show
The Future of Golden Bone Rescue & Rehab
Angela Windolph announced a new start for Golden Bone Rescue and Rehab, Inc. Dr. Cinda Rajkovic and Cris Rajkovic are joining the Board of Directors. Dr. Cinda will be the new Chief Executive Officer. Cris will be the Board President. Angela will remain the Treasurer/Founder.

Golden Bone Pet Products
Asked about Golden Bone Pet Products Angela says she and Ana are there to serve you and your pets. They are excited about Farmina, a new line of pet foods. Nadia had fully researched this food and they are finding it well loved by both dogs and cats. As always, Golden Bone Pet Products provides products that are eco-friendly, socially conscious, environmentally aware, healthy and just plain fun!

Donations to Nadia’s memory can be made to Golden Bone Rescue and Rehab, Inc. Golden Bone Rescue & Rehab is a 501(c)(3) organization.
Golden Bone Rescue & Rehab, Inc.
PO Box 2547
Sedona, AZ. 86339