By: Amber Polo

 Pam Wood and Megan Merz brought do-it-yourself dog washing to the Verde Valley in March. Their shop is perfect for owners of dogs of all sizes who want an affordable way to wash their own dogs without the backache and clean-up.
Megan and Pam came to Cottonwood from Lincoln, Nebraska where they used a self-serve dog wash for their big furry dogs: Barkley, an eight-year-old Old English Sheepdog, and Ruba, a ten-year-old Newfoundland. Both dogs are big, mellow, and covered with lots of hair. Disappointed not to find a dog wash in this area – they opened Just Got Scrubbed!
Barkley’s Story
Barkley, our cover dog, was rescued by Megan when, shortly after her first Sheepdog passed over the Rainbow Bridge, she got a call from a friend at their local Nebraska animal shelter. Megan was told the shelter had an animal that might be an Old English Sheepdog – or possibly a very dirty, matted sheep. Luckily for Megan, Barkley, cleaned up, was revealed to be a young Sheepdog ready to give her lots of love.
Why Use a Self Serve Dog Wash
Just Got Scrubbed’s bright open space is easy on the dogs and easy on their owners. Use one of the six tubs to wash small, medium, or large. Use the Drying – Grooming Room. Walk out with a clean, dry dog and leave the mess behind.
Even short-haired dogs need a quick clean-up after a hike. RV travelers’ dogs need have a place for a tub bath. Hikers can stop to get the red rock dust out of their dog’s coat. Some dogs need a clean-up between groomings. Or an emergency bath after an unexpected confrontation with a skunk.
How DIY Dog Washing Works
Pam and Megan designed custom steel bath tubs, hoses, and shower curtains for the washing. They built stairs to make it easy for dogs to walk up into the tubs and on to the slip proof mats. Dogs are then at easy heights for the owner to do the washing without bending.
Bring your own shampoo and conditioner or choose one of theirs for $2.00. Select from Dirty Dog with deodorizer, Itchy-N-Scratchy, Bug-B-Gone, White Lightening to brighten, or Just Got Skunked to soap up in the 98 degree water. Then borrow an apron and use their water hoses and sprayers to make for fast, thorough washing and rinsing.
Owners don’t have to lift squirmy dogs in and lift wet, slippery dogs out.
Use Just Got Scrubbed’s towels for in-tub drying and then walk your dog out of the tub and into the separate Drying – Grooming Room. Use more towels, the variable speed dryers, nail clippers, combs, and brushes. Or bring your own grooming tools. (But no electric clippers.) All do-it-yourself!
• Small dogs: up to 35 lbs. – $14
• Medium: 35 -75 lbs. – $16
• Large: over 75 lbs. – $18
• Shampoo & conditioner $2
So far Just Got Scrubbed is just for dogs, but may consider other pets. Pam and Megan want to make the experience as easy as possible, so if a pet is excitable, call first and they’ll suggest a quiet time.
Plus, Pam and Megan donate coupons for one free wash to the Verde Valley Humane Society and Sedona Humane Society to give to new adopters.
Visit Just Got Scrubbed, an owner-operated shop with the feel of a doggy-loving community.

Just Got Scrubbed LLC
280 South Main Street
(in the Copperwood Square center)
928 852-4008
Hours: Tuesday- Saturday 10-6; Sunday 11-4; Closed Monday