In April, Animal Guardian Network moved 64 animals from Cave Creek to their 21 acre facility, Healing River Ranch in Camp Verde. Founded in 2009, Animal Guardian Network, a 501(c)3 non-profit animal sanctuary, provides life-long care for senior, special needs, and hospice farm and domestic animals.

The move took 3 long days, 15 trucks, vans, & trailers, and 25 volunteers to move 64 animals:

• 7 Horses
• 14 Burros
• 1 steer
• 6 Goats & Sheep
• 2 Pigs
• 2 Patagonian Cavy
• 2 Chickens
• 30 Dogs

From retired police horse Officer Moose to the smallest chicken, this epic endeavor has taken just shy of two years to become a reality.

Carrie Singer, Founder and Executive Director says, “Saving lives is just a moment in time. Restoring what has been lost or taken is an ongoing and evolving commitment.”

Animal Guardian Network
Camp Verde, Arizona
For more information visit AGN’s website To help or donate contact Carrie Singer, Founder/Executive Director: 602 568 5636.
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