By Amber Polo
Photos by Daniel Lutzick

There’s more to Winslow than Route 66 and Standin’ on the Corner Park.

Winslow is the perfect close-to-home daytrip or getaway weekend. Take photos of Standin’ on the Corner and visit the La Posada Hotel, part historic hotel and part art museum enclosed by botanical gardens and explore the museums and galleries in the Winslow Historic District.

Fred Harvey and the Santa Fe Railroad opened La Posada in 1930, staffed it with Harvey girls and welcomed iconic celebrities. La Posada closed in 1957 and the furniture auctioned off. Unable to find a buyer, Santa Fe gutted it and turned buildings into railroad offices and gardens into parking lots.

In 1997Allan Affeldt and Tina Mion bought the building and property for $158,000. Far from its original glory, it was to be demolished. Working with Daniel Lutzick It took 15 years of renovation to turn the building and gardens into a showplace for the art and architecture of the Southwest.

Although the entire hotel is a museum and art gallery, Tina Mion’s large gallery is an eye-popping experience. Dan Lutzick While working on hotel renovations, began using industrial construction materials to create his art work, a collection of sculptures using plywood, roofing tar, corrugated tin, bailing wire, and rebar. To call Mion and Lutzick multimedia artists falls short of describing both artists’ genre-defying work. I call the space an inspirational creativity generator and can’t wait to return.

The former Babbitt Brothers department store is now the home and studio of Ann-Mary and Dan Lutzick. Dan has 4 dogs and 2 cats all found and adopted within two blocks of La Posada. Two of the dogs (Rhett and Rufus) were actually found as strays on the La Posada property. Dogs love La Posada.

Northern Arizonians can drive to La Posada for breakfast, lunch, or dinner in La Posada’s Turquoise Room and:
• Tour the La Posada galleries & arcades
• Take the walking tour
• Relax in the gardens
• Visit Winslow’s museums & galleries

Winslow is the perfect close-to-home getaway weekend. Take photos of the Standin’ on the Corner Park and visit SnowDrift Art Space.

While in Winslow also visit the Old Trails Museum where you will be greeted by the museum dog “Rafa” who was found at the nearby Standing on the Corner park.

The original depot adjacent to La Posada is opening September 2019 by the Winslow Art Trust (WAT) as the Route 66 Art Museum featuring artists inspired by Route 66 and the Santa Fe Railroad. It will host the visitor center for James Turrell’s famous lightscape project Roden Crater. Besides Fred Harvey and Mary Colter artifacts, you’ll find the Hubbell Rug, the world’s largest Navajo rug.

Then add the Plaza Hotel and Castaneda (another Harvey Hotel) in Las Vegas, New Mexico to your must-visit list.

La Posada information and reservations: 928 289-4366
Well-behaved pets must register and pay an extra room charge.
Turquoise Room Restaurant: 928 289-2888.
You and small pets can catch an Amtrak train, but need to purchase tickets online.
Winslow Chamber of Commerce: