Frankly ... I'm All Ears

Frankly I'm All Ears

Pet Safety Tips

By Frank

Autumn is here! The leaves are changing and there is a chill in the night air. School is back in session and Halloween and Thanksgiving are approaching. There are so many exciting things to see and do in Northern Arizona this time of year.

I hope that in between hiking, camping, school and holidays, that you will find time to read and share this edition of Flagstaff-Sedona Dog Magazine.  In this issue, we have a follow up story on senior pet, Lily, who has found her forever home, a follow up on National Clear the Shelters Day, a guide to dog-friendly Verde Valley Wineries, a story about local TV Star, Pistol, and much more.

While enjoying all that is Autumn, please remember to keep us pets safe too. Below, are some safety tips from veterinarians, and various other experts.

Keep your pets warm: Don’t leave pets outside for extended periods of time. Most breeds are well-equipped to withstand cooler temperatures, but others – like Chihuahuas, Greyhounds and Salukis – are not.

Watch out for wildlife: It’s almost hibernation season! This means that wild animals – like skunks, bears, and snakes – are out and about, busily preparing for their winter snooze. If you and your dog find yourself in the woods, keep a close eye out for these creatures, and mind your distance! If you live in an area that’s home to venomous snakes, consider keeping your dog on-leash until the snow falls.

Be mindful of rodent poison. Rodents are likely to make their way into your home during this time of year. You may be tempted to leave poison out in the open, but your pets can get into them with fatal results. Make sure you place the poison in areas that your pets cannot get into, like cupboards and cabinets, or in rooms that stay closed off. Be sure to protect your pets at all costs because rodent poison is very seriously toxic to cats and dogs.

Clean up the anti-freeze. When you winterize your vehicle, make sure to clean up every bit of anti-freeze. It has a sweet smell that draws in pets. However, a very small amount can kill pets. Keep your pet away when you’re using anti-freeze and thoroughly clean any spills

Fall is a prime season for mushrooms: While most are non-toxic, dogs are highly susceptible to mushroom poisoning because of their wandering and scavenging behavior. Unfortunately, dogs are unable to sniff out the toxic ones, so the best way to avoid trouble is to keep pets away from areas where any mushrooms are growing.

Beware of Halloween Candy. Chocolate consumption goes up during the cooler months with the celebration of many holidays. Be sure to keep your pet away from the chocolate, as it can make dogs very sick. Keep your trick-or-treat buckets out of reach from mischievous, hungry pets.

Be mindful of decorations. Until your pet is familiar with the painted pumpkins, stuffed turkey decor, and fake snow in your home, she might accidentally knock them down or ingest them. Keep your decorations up high or out of pet’s reach for the safest bet.

The changing of seasons is great time to check your pet ID tags and microchip. Just take 5 minutes to make sure all your pet’s information is up to date and in proper order.

Love Always,


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