Frankly ... I'm All Ears

Frankly I'm All Ears

My name is Frank (short for Frankfurter). My ears are quite amazing. They measure about four inches long, which is the same length as my legs! When my legs launch me into a full-on Chiweenie sprint, I can lay my ears back behind my head to reduce wind drag.  

This is my first time writing a column for a magazine. It’s actually my first time writing anything and it’s not easy when you have paws and don’t speak human. However, I am a Chiweenie and I’m basically fearless.

At my house, I think of myself as the number one strike-dog. Even when I’m snuggling or napping, I am still on guard for javalina, deer or neighborhood dog walkers.  I use my spectacular ears to ensure that no creature, big or small, passes by without my acknowledgement.  My salutations usually begin with a high-pitched bark. Then I turn it up a few notches and run out the doggie door.

Until last year, I also would get my buddy Lucky barking along with me. Since Lucky was blind, he had no idea what, or who, we were barking at. Sometimes he would even be barking in the opposite direction. It didn’t matter, we were a team and I was the bark master.

When we weren’t greeting visitors, Lucky and I would lay in the sun together for hours! It’s still one of my favorite past times. If the wind is blowing, I can curl up into a tiny ball and still enjoy the sun. If it’s chilly, I snuggle up in a blanket and still enjoy the sun.  Sometimes I miss hearing my buddy Lucky barking along with me.  Then, I think about how lucky we all are to share seasons of our lives together.

As we begin a new journey with this publications, I look forward to hearing from the readers, advertisers and supporters.

Gracias and Danke,


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