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Frankly I'm All Ears

Senior Pets

“The longer I live the more beautiful life becomes.”    Famous Architect Frank Lloyd Wright spoke those words and I think it’s a perfect way to start my column about adopting and loving senior pets.  A senior dog is commonly thought of as any dog older than 7 years old and a cat is considered a senior at 10 years old.  Cream Puff was the oldest ever living cat, who reached the age of 38 years and 3 days. The longest living dog was an Australian Cattle Dog named Bluey who lived to be 29 ½ years old on a farm in Australia.

Most of us pets won’t live be 29 or 38 years old, but just like humans, pets are living longer.  Many dogs can live to be 10, 13 or even older. The average cat can celebrate 16 birthdays and keep going.  With pets living longer, they may end up in shelters because of a loss of a job in the family, a move to a place that won’t allow pets such as an apartment or long-term care facility, or even the death of their owner. says that the average pet spends 12 weeks listed on their site before being adopted.  On the other hand (paw) well-trained and even purebred senior pets can wait four times longer to find forever homes. Some senior pets are never adopted and live out the rest of their lives in shelters. Because of their low adoption rates, senior pets also have higher euthanasia rates.

I was adopted at about 5-6 years old and now I am a senior pet. I would love to share some of the many benefits of adopting and/or fostering a gray-faced pack member. 

  • Older shelter pets are usually housebroken.
  • Older shelter pets are often already trained and are eager to learn.
  • Senior pets tend to be more independent and more laid-back.
  • Senior pets may not require as much exercise or attention as a puppy.
  • You will know a senior pet’s temperament, size and health upfront.
  • Senior pets are loyal and grateful.
  • Senior pets will love you for the remainder of their lives. Beautifully.

Love Always,


Some of the wonderful senior pets available for adoption currently are: beagle- dachshund mixes, Princess and Duchess, at; sweet Chow-Chow Mix, Lily, at and senior calico cat, Paisley, at 

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