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Has your dog ever tried a “lure course”? Well, I have—and it’s the most fun a dog can have chasing a stuffed toy around a track!

My mom and I discovered the Brittany Rescue AZ lure course a couple of years ago at a rescue adoption event. Brittany Rescue raises funds by setting up this course at rescue events and all dogs can try out their skills at chasing. They ask for a small donation, a stopwatch times your speed on the course, and your pet parent is so proud of how fast you can run! That’s pretty simple. As a Husky, I love to run and if there’s something to chase, just let me go!

The course consists of a low-fenced circular track with agility obstacles along the way. The dog must negotiate these small obstacles (leaping through a hula-hoop, jumping over a PVC pipe or a block of wood) during its chase. The stuffed toy is attached to a wire snaking through the course and an operator-person makes the toy move with his game controller pad. Big or small, fast or slow, young pups and old dogs love to test their chase skills to catch that speeding toy.

After my first taste of the lure course, my mom couldn’t keep me away! We had to stand in line for another turn and I was just jumping with excitement to get another chance at that stuffed toy. When you get to the end of the run, the operator controlling the toy lets you “catch it”. I loved that part—it had a squeaker inside!

At another event, the second I spotted the lure course across the grass, I began leaping straight up, about 5 feet in the air, and yelping loudly. It was all my mom could do to hold me back. I hadn’t forgotten the excitement of the chase!

This fun game is called “Indy’s Run for Rescue” and is run by the volunteers at Brittany Rescue AZ, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. It is operated as a fund raiser to help the dogs in rescue with food and medical care, and to raise money for other worthy causes such as canine valley fever. Upcoming events where their lure course will be running are:

  • June 10, 10-5pm, Woofstock at the Prescott Valley Event Center.
  • Oct 1, 10-4pm, Dogtoberfest at Watson Lake Park in Prescott.
  • Nov 18, 9-2pm, Woofstock Chandler at Tumbleweed Park in Chandler.
  • Dec 2, 10-5pm, Holiday Pet Festival at WestWorld of Scottsdale.

For more information, you can contact britrescueaz@cox.net or call (602) 501-1844.

Maybe you’ll see me at some of these events. I’ll be the one with the big Husky smile on my face as I race through that course.


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